2022 Strategic Plan

IFCJ Canada’s strategic programming focus in Israel and the former Soviet Union (FSU) is to alleviate poverty for needy elderly, families, and children and to provide support for aliyah (immigration to Israel) and klitah (resettlement assistance).

Our three core ministries, Guardians of Israel, Isaiah 58, and On Wings of Eagles provide transformative help by partnering with local agencies in Israel and the former Soviet Union to establish supportive, life-changing assistance for Israelis and Jews in need.

Our Program Focus

Our Guardians of Israel ministry helps ease the suffering of Israel’s most needy, providing food, clothing, and basic essentials for survival.

We provide companionship and dignity to those with no one to care for them.

Just as the Guardian of Israel “neither sleeps nor slumbers,” we help needy Israelis and support God’s people with support and emergency assistance.

We care for suffering and impoverished people in the FSU, including Holocaust survivors and abandoned children, by providing food, medical care, clothing, and heating assistance.

We reach those in the most remote locations of the FSU to ensure not one of the “least of these” are forgotten.

Helping needy Jews to make their aliyah from all over the world, including the FSU and other lands of distress. These suffering Jews are able to escape extreme poverty, and able to realize their dream of living in their biblical homeland.

When olim (immigrants) arrive in Israel they are provide with klitah to help them become full, productive citizens of the Holy Land.

2022 Program Goals

632,520 hot meals served
(Hot meals served 5 days/week)
83,160 lunches served
(Lunches served 5 days/week for school children in need)
139,000 meal boxes/bags to take food home
(Established as recipients would bring in tattered containers for takeaway, causing hygienic concerns)
4,000 heating cards for elderly and families
(Heating cards valued at $200 CAD. 10,000 total beneficiaries based on 2,000 elderly and 2,000 families of 4)
11,268 food cards for families to observe the Jewish holidays
(Holiday food cards valued at $125 CAD. 45,072 total beneficiaries based on families of 4)
120 Holocaust survivors provided with food packages and fresh produce
(Food box contains fresh vegetables, meats, cooking oil, matzah, juice, and other food packages)
10,115 clothing cards new clothes for school children
(Clothing cards valued at $95 CAD)
730 backpacks filled with materials for school
(Backpacks valued at $26 CAD include pencil box, pencils, pens, markers, scissors, erasers, sharpener, glue ruler, notebooks, stickers, and book covers)
75 teens with physical impairments to receive vocational training
(Hands-on program to prepare teens with functional independence and autonomous life in the community)
130 children to attend soccer camp and improve their academic performance while learning a sport they love.
(The program facilitates the opportunity to bring together children from different areas of the city, from different backgrounds, religions and cultures, and emphasizes the values of accepting and respecting one another)
250 children to attend sleepaway summer camp
(enabling them to participate in activities that they haven't had the opportunity to attend before)
839 elderly provided home care assistance
(Average 4.5 hours/week for assistance with bathing, laundry, and cleaning in Russia and Ukraine)
3,039 essential items for elderly: food, blankets, clothing, wood, and heaters
(Cost of one meal $6 CAD)
569 elderly provided with surgery and emergency medical treatments
(Includes emergency surgery and other medical procedures)
137 children provided with therapy and support for parents.
(Case managers provide special education, enrichment, guidance and material aid)
50 children and their families provided with essential items: food, blankets, clothing, medicines
23 children provided with emergency surgery or medical treatments
(Emergency assistance and food and welfare needs for children in Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, Azerbaijan)
63 children given access to socialization programs and family retreats
(Group therapy, special needs support, programs to integrate into the community, subsidies for participation in events and family retreats)
400 families receive winter assistance
(Heating cards valued at $120 CAD)
375 food cards for families to observe the Jewish holidays
(Holiday food cards valued at $100 CAD)
3,085 children receive hot lunches
110 orphaned children receive food and shelter
43 elderly provided with essential items: food, medicines
1,174 Jews given a Freedom Flight from Ukraine
(Plane ticket and luggage from Ukraine including grants and fees = $1,031 CAD/person)
294 Jews given a Freedom Flight from South America
(Plane ticket and luggage from Brazil including grants and fees = $3,755 CAD/person)
1,468 olim (immigrants) given a grant to establish themselves in Israel
(Grant of $675 CAD/adult, $385 CAD/child)
  • Elderly, families, and children are provided with daily food from our soup kitchens
  • Meals provided for impoverished Israelis
  • Clothing cards and backpacks for Israeli children
  • Homebound elderly are provided with hot meal deliveries
  • Isolated elderly are provided with homecare assistance and companionship
  • Heating assistance for poor Jewish people who face frigid temperatures in the FSU
  • Freedom Flights from lands of distress to the Holy Land
  • Pre-settlement support including language skills training and financial assistance
  • Assistance in resettlement including job training and a stipend to help make ends meet

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