Planning Your Greatest Gift

Plan for your future while helping provide a legacy of care for Israel’s suffering people.

Our gift planning associates are here to help advise you of ways to meet your financial needs while also making a lasting impact.

We hope these resources help you achieve your financial goals as you seek to provide for your loved ones and support the lifesaving work of The Fellowship, following the biblical commandment "to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter—when you see the naked, to clothe him" (Isaiah 58:7).

Materials and assistance provided are for educational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional legal or financial advice. Please seek the assistance of qualified counsellors in the areas of estate, gift, and tax planning.

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About Planning Your Gift

Cornerstone of Zion Society

The Cornerstone of Zion Society recognizes supporters of The Fellowship who are people of vision. They see beyond the present and into a future when their planned gifts will create an ongoing legacy that will help provide a "hope and a future" for impoverished Israelis and Jews scattered among distant lands.

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Wills and Living Trusts

A bequest may be conveyed through a will or a trust (most commonly in the form of a "revocable living trust"). An existing will or trust does not need to be re-written to include a charitable bequest - you often can add a "codicil" or amendment to your current estate plan.

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How May We Help You?

Our gift planning associates are here to help you. Wondering how to get started? Questions about how to maximize the tax benefits of a charitable gift? Contact us today for no-obligation assistance and support.

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Gift Plan Options

Beneficiary Designations

Through a charitable beneficiary transfer, the remaining balances in a chequing or savings account, Certificate of Deposit, brokerage account, or retirement account may be transferred directly to a charity upon your death by designating the account as Payable on Death ("POD") or Transfer on Death ("TOD") to a charity.

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Charitable Remainder Trusts

A charitable remainder trust can be used to help you make a gift to The Fellowship while also providing you with a charitable income tax credit, income for life or for a period of years, and reduction or elimination of capital gains and estate taxes.

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Real Estate

Do you have real estate such as a home, vacation home, or business that you would like to pass on to The Fellowship? A gift of real estate can be made during your lifetime, or by bequest through your will or trust.

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