Isaiah 58

Our Isaiah 58 program helps care for suffering and impoverished Jews in the former Soviet Union (FSU), including Holocaust survivors and abandoned children, by providing food, medical care, clothing, and other necessities. With your help, we reach those in the most remote locations of the FSU to ensure not one of the “least of these” are forgotten. Your support is participation in God’s true and holy fast. “Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter—when you see the naked, to clothe them” (Isaiah 58:7).

Isaiah 58

Your Care Means the World to Her

IFCJ Canada  |  March 18, 2023
On the exact day World War II ended is when Larisa was born. Her parents survived by evacuating to
Isaiah 58

Meeting Nina’s Needs

IFCJ Canada  |  August 16, 2022
When IFCJ Canada volunteers arrived at Nina’s house recently—a tiny rural shack outside of Kyiv, Ukraine—they were struck by how this elderly Holocaust survivor and her humble home seemed to have changed little from the WWII-era days she remembered.
Isaiah 58

‘God Has Kept Me Alive’

IFCJ Canada  |  May 24, 2022
Katerina remembers when her small town in Ukraine had a thriving Jewish community. She remembers the synagogue. She remembers her parents when her parents were still alive. Katerina remembers those days.
Isaiah 58

Saving Maria

IFCJ Canada  |  May 17, 2022
“In peace I will lie down in sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety.” (Psalm 4:8)
Isaiah 58

You Are Her Only Friend

IFCJ Canada  |  May 10, 2022
Life for a Jew in Ukraine has never been easy. Dolores knows this firsthand. She’s known this for every one of her 82 years in the country’s capital, Kiev.
Isaiah 58

Remembering Raisa

IFCJ Canada  |  May 4, 2022
Born to a Jewish family between the World Wars, Raisa soon learned of wartime hardship and horror w
Isaiah 58

The Only Jewish Girl in the Village

IFCJ Canada  |  March 11, 2022
Varvara remembers the Jewish traditions, from long, long ago. From before the Nazis. From before the Communists. From before the current war in Ukraine.
Isaiah 58

Alone in Ukraine

IFCJ Canada  |  March 3, 2022
“When the Nazis came, they came for us. I was one of three children, but I pretended that I did not belong to my family and that is how I survived,” says 95-year-old Mariya, a cold and tired Jewish woman who still lives in the same village in Ukraine the Nazis invaded as World War II began.
Isaiah 58

A Lifetime of Loneliness

IFCJ Canada  |  February 22, 2022
While many of the Jewish elderly who depend on IFCJ Canada for lifesaving aid and loving companionship, as well, their loneliness only arrived in their twilight years. But for Marfa, her entire lifetime has been one of loneliness.
Isaiah 58

My Last Hope

IFCJ Canada  |  February 8, 2022
Matat wouldn’t be alive if not for Fellowship friends. Quite literally, The Fellowship saved this elderly Jewish widower’s life when he’d lost all hope.
Isaiah 58

Love and Care from You

IFCJ Canada  |  February 1, 2022
For historians of the Holocaust, Vinitsa in Ukraine is a horrifying name. Near the town, Adolf Hitler constructed his eastern retreat, complete with 20 buildings, gardens, a swimming pool, and a wire fence.
Isaiah 58

Warming Yuri’s Heart and Home

IFCJ Canada  |  January 18, 2022
Now in his sixties, Yuri seems both older and younger. Living with a disability since birth, Yuri seems like a young child when he speaks. But when he walks, it’s with the body of a weak, elderly man, as he also faces many physical challenges.

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