Being Alone is the Most Difficult Part

IFCJ Canada  |  June 3, 2021

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Magda Goldstein, 67-year-old childless widow, beneficiary of Lev Chash soup kitchen in Haifa, Michael Seiler (IFCJ staff) wearing branded logo tshirt sits near branded logo food box, unpack, Magda stands near, white shirt, black pants, glasses, wearing mask, summer clothing

Thirty years ago, Magda made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) from Romania with her husband. The childless couple realized one of the dreams they’d long shared.

And for decades, this precious Jewish woman worked in Haifa as a caregiver, helping Israel’s elderly and disabled. Sadly, five years ago, Magda’s husband passed away. But she still had those she took care of to keep her company.

Last year, at age 67 Magda retired from her job caring for others. Since retirement, she receives a small pension. She had been barely subsisting on it, growing incredibly thin. She started to go on of the Fellowship-supported soup kitchen where she ate her meals, and would be able to meet with others, chat, and fill the lonely hours of her days.

And then, like so many others in Israel and around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic changed Magda’s life — for the worse.

Like thousands of others, she could no longer attend this Fellowship-supported soup kitchen. Instead has been receiving hot meals delivered to her home daily. She also has received some food boxes, particularly for the holidays.

Like so many she is isolated, alone at home. “Being alone is the most difficult part of my life,” Magda told us one afternoon when we delivered a food box. For thirty years so looked after so many, and now she is desperately alone.

The Fellowship is seeing this situation more and more — Israel’s elderly being stuck at home alone. While Madga has been receiving hot meals on a daily basis and food boxes for the holidays, there are thousands more who need our help.

More than the food, however, is the friendship this precious Jewish widow receives when Fellowship volunteers arrive at her home. “I’m so grateful for all the good that you do for me,” Magda says. “You are special people.”

With The Fellowship, you can be the special blessing for hungry and lonely individuals like Magda by providing the food, care, and friendship.

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