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The Blessings of the Sabbath

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Remembering the Holocaust

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is observed annually on January 27, we proclaim “Never Again!” Yet, the increase in anti-Semitism around the world has many people asking if history could repeat itself. Today, Jews are increasingly singled out and senselessly harassed, beaten, and even murdered in broad daylight.

For the first time in my lifetime, I see the possibility of darkness overcoming the light. Not just in Israel, but even where Jews live outside of Israel.

The Light of Hope

Today is a different era. Two major differences exist today that have not existed at any other time in the history of Jewish persecution. They are the reasons why I believe that history will not repeat itself, and that a new destiny awaits the Jewish people, and indeed the entire world.

The first difference is that today, we have the State of Israel. For the first time in 2,000 years, the Jewish people live as an independent nation in our homeland. The establishment of Israel, 75 years ago in 1948, was a game-changer for the Jewish people. We have a place of refuge. Moreover, Israel has a strong economy and innovative technology, and we are making great contributions to the global community.

Our Christian Friends

This year on International Holocaust Memorial Day, as we proclaim “Never Again,” let us remember that this phrase depends largely on us. With God’s help, light will overcome the darkness that threatens us all. But God depends on us to be His agents of light. It is our job to shine the light of His love and illuminate our world with justice. And let us pray for the day when we will turn our swords into ploughshares and all of mankind will live together in peace.

With blessings from the Holy Land,

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