A Second Wind This Winter

Born in Ukraine as the winds of World War II began to tear across Europe, Rosalia’s earliest memories are of fear and hunger. The struggles she faced as a Jewish child, surviving the Holocaust with her family—somehow, someway, with God’s help—never eased, as she faced a life of poverty.

Working for decades as a milkmaid, Rosalia is now elderly, alone, and broken. Unable to split firewood herself, she worried she would freeze this winter, especially as a new war rages around her. Without a pension after a long life of rural labour, she worried she wouldn’t be able to afford coal to keep warm.

But thanks to The Fellowship’s winter help—on the ground in war-torn Ukraine—Rosalia not only receives food and medicine, but enough firewood and coal to warm her simple shack for the entire winter.

“It is impossible to describe all the words of gratitude and feelings of gratitude that my heart is filled with today for The Fellowship,” Rosalia says, thanking her friends around the world “for firewood and coal to save my life this winter. May your days be blessed. My life has gained a second wind.”

Your blessing will provide lifesaving winter aid for elderly and Holocaust survivors like Rosalia.

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