‘‘The Fellowship Takes Care of Me’

Born 86 years ago into a large Jewish family in Yemen, Hana made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) with her parents and nine siblings when she was just an infant.

“My parents brought me to Israel on a ship, as a little baby… Some of my brothers took part in the War of Independence in 1948,” Hana remembers “When the war was over, our lives didn’t become easier. Many times, there was no food at home.”

Hana’s mother died at a young age, leaving her father to care for the ten children in a new land. “Our life as a family of newcomers to the country was very difficult. We had only one room for everybody. It was more like surviving than living a normal life. Almost all the children have worked since a very young age.”

Hana lived a hard life, one of poverty and physical labour. And now, as an elderly woman, she no longer has the strength or good health to be as independent as in her younger years. And that is where The Fellowship comes in.

There was nobody “to help me before I began receiving assistance from The Fellowship,” Hana says. “Nobody.”

But now “The Fellowship takes care of me. They sincerely care from their hearts, and I am so grateful to them for that. They help me get the most basic things that I need, the most important things, like medicines, food, and warm clothes.”

Yes, friends of The Fellowship like you provide these basic needs for elderly Jewish people like Hana. Friends of The Fellowship like you are saving lives. And as Hana so sweetly tell us, because “of the help I get from the good angels of The Fellowship, I feel like a princess.”

Your gift today will elderly Jewish people like Hana that friends around the world care for them.

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