New Look, Same Mission

Yael Eckstein, IFCJ Canada president: “While we are making slight changes to our branding, our mission remains the same”

After a landmark year that saw the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Canada (IFCJ Canada) provide lifesaving assistance to a record number of people in need, the organization will undergo a brand refresh to position itself for future success.

The brand refresh will subtly transform key elements of the organization’s look. IFCJ Canada’s iconography will change from an image of two hands cradling a dove, to a dove in flight carrying an olive branch, a traditional biblical symbol of peace and reconciliation — an image that represents bridge building. This reflects the organization’s consistent efforts to support the people of Israel and Jewish communities around the world, and to unite Christians and Jews in love and understanding.

In addition, IFCJ Canada has brightened its colour pallet to bring the colours of Israel to the forefront of their brand visuals, as the organization’s unique position allows it to have a hands-on and on-the-ground approach to providing support for Israel and her people. These aesthetic changes, along with new consistent brand guidelines, will support the organization’s efforts to increase awareness for its work, and carry that work into the future.

“The changes we’re making represent an evolution, not a revolution,” said Yael Eckstein, IFCJ Canada president. “While we are making slight changes to our branding, our mission remains the same. We’ll continue to provide lifesaving aid to the elderly, families, and children who need it most. We’ll continue to support aliyah by bringing Jews to their biblical homeland. And we’ll continue to build bridges between Christians and Jews, sharing love and faith in all we do.”


About IFCJ Canada: The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was founded in 1983 by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. In 2003, Rabbi Eckstein founded the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Canada to increase the organization’s global reach and support. Over the years, IFCJ Canada has been leaders in Jewish-Christian relations, building bridges of goodwill that have led to greater understanding and cooperation between members of these two great faiths. IFCJ Canada has helped thousands of Jews escape poverty and anti-Semitism and return to their biblical homeland, funded humanitarian assistance that has touched the lives of people in Israel and Jews around the world, and fulfilled biblical prophecy with Fellowship Freedom Flights to the Holy Land.

About Yael Eckstein: Yael Eckstein has served on the Board of Directors for IFCJ Canada since 2015. In June 2019, following the unexpected death of her father, Rabbi Eckstein, she succeeded him in his role and became president.
Yael oversees all programs for IFCJ Canada while serving as the international spokesperson for the organization. A tireless advocate for the Jewish people, she has been a frequent and influential voice combatting anti-Semitism. Yael is a hands-on executive, often found greeting olim (immigrants) upon their arrival to Israel, sitting with elderly Holocaust survivors in their homes, or distributing food to those in need.
Based in Israel with her husband and their four children, Yael is a native of Chicago, and was educated at both U.S. and Israeli institutions, including biblical studies at Torat Chesed Seminary in Israel, Jewish and sociology studies at Queens College in New York, and additional study at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
With over a decade of non-profit experience in multiple roles, Yael has the rare distinction of being a woman leading one of the world’s largest religious charitable organizations.


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