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Born to a Jewish family in Ukraine in 1929, Rozalia remembers when the Nazis invaded.

One moment, Rozalia, just 10 years old, and her sister were having fun playing in the street. The next moment, the sky turned dark and they “looked up where planes flew high and bombs fell down,” she says.

Rozalia took the very last evacuation train with her father and stepmother and four siblings. Their train had to stop in the forest at night, as Nazi bombs fell all around. “People were screaming, crying, running, and falling,” says Rozalia.

Eventually the Nazis caught up to the family, and Rozalia’s father was sent to the frontlines to fight—and was killed. Her two older siblings and her youngest sibling, just a baby, perished.

As the war ended, Rozalia and her only sister fell ill with typhus. In order to save the girls’ lives, her stepmother sent them to an orphanage so they could be fed and clothed. During this time, the two sisters never told anyone they were Jewish…

But when Rozalia met a man who would become her husband, he confided in her that he was Jewish, and she jumped for joy.

Today, Rozalia’s family has made aliyah (immigration to the Holy Land) and her family is growing in Israel. And having faced such hardships and hunger all her life, Rozalia feels so blessed to know that she also has Fellowship friends who provide food and companionship in the Holy Land.

“There are no words for how grateful I am to all the people from The Fellowship who have been supporting me for a long time. May God bless you with health, happiness and peace.”

Your gift today will provide lifesaving care for an elderly Holocaust survivor like Rozalia, providing them food, basic necessities, and companionship.

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